Date Night/Perfect Match

Perfect Match is a fun new event created by Small Bites. Couples come out and play the game to win cash and prizes.

In order to qualify couples must go on a date at one of our participating restaurant or entertainment venues.  Couples can come out and have dinner with their spouse and then play the game! Couples can also go on a date to an Escape Room or Paint and Sip and after completing the activity play the game!

The contest depending on the restaurant or entertainment venue can last from 4 weeks up to 12 weeks. Most venues have a prize for the winning couple at their establishments. (If the restaurant or entertainment venue does not offer a prize the winning couple will still be in the contest for the Grand Prize)

We have two separate contest going on simultaneously with two separate Grand Prizes.

Contest:   Couples 

Grand Prize: $2,000! At the conclusion of all of the contest at all the restaurants and entertainment venues the couple with the highest score wins the Grand Prize! In the event of a tie all couples with the tie scores names will be put in a drawing and one couples name will be pulled and they will be announced as the winner!

We also have lots of runner up prizes.

All couples receive a gift just for participating!



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